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Food Distribution During National Lockdown

Teaming up with RESQ and funds from supporters, we provided food to the community and wildlife of grasslands during the national lockdown imposed due to corona.

The coronavirus pandemic took us all by shock; it didn't prepare most of us to face a situation as unfathomable as this one. Rural communities and daily wage workers living on grasslands had lost their means of earning and did not receive any compensation to help them go about their day-to-day activities. In the course of our work, our team came across many such families who had been facing such a situation for a while. Members of our team collaborated with the RESQ Charitable Trust to make the necessary arrangements to procure and provide them with food and ration to keep them going at least for a while without a shadow of uncertainty constantly hanging over their heads. We’re happy to have distributed over 4400 kg of food to over 300 individuals and 85 animals already. Funding provided by our supporters helped us carry out these activities in time when it was most needed.


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