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About The Grasslands Trust

We are a Pune-based registered charitable trust working towards the conservation of wildlife found in grassland and scrubland habitats.

What We Do

Our principal activities include wildlife tracking, documenting natural history, conducting wildlife awareness programs, training private and government institutions, promoting ecotourism, and collaborative study with locals, researchers and volunteers. Our scope of sustainable conservation also involves liaising with local communities like nomadic shepherds, traditional hunters and farmers.

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Who We Are

Environmentalists, videographers, engineers, marketing professionals, jewellery professionals — all pooled together with the enthusiasm of wildlife and environment conservation. In short, we are a team of wildlife enthusiasts from Pune exploring, documenting and studying the highly ignored grassland habitats near the city. 

Join the Cause

We are determined to spread awareness about grasslands and how people, together with the Government, can save this wealth of an ecosystem. If you resonate with our goal, you can donate to support our work or volunteer with us!

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Collaboration with local NGOs and Research Organisations helps us increase our team strength, local reach and scientific expertise in order to take on projects which can have a bigger impact for conservation. 

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