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A Reign at Risk: The Indian Grey Wolf and the Grasslands of Saswad

This video is a part of a video series made by The Grasslands Trust for RoundGlass Sustain.

Language : English.

The Indian grey wolf is the apex predator of Saswad's grasslands, but defending its territory is not easy. It must chase away hyenas and aggressive packs of dogs. And now, a new challenger has shown up. Can the grey ghost of the grasslands retain its dominance?


Narration: Ameya Gore @goryanchameya

Camera: Team Grasslands Trust @thegrasslandstrustindia

Script: RoundGlass Sustain

Mihir Godbole @godbolemihir

Editor: Swapnil Gajbhare @swapnilgajbhare / Colour Space DI studio

Music: Shubhankar @shubhankar.28

Producer: Samreen Farooqui @ankhondekhi /RoundGlass Sustain


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