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Mid Day - Largest wolfpack of 15 spotted in Pune

Since 2011, the Grasslands Trust team has been observing and documenting Indian Grey wolf packs. While local residents and fellow naturalists often reported sightings of wolf packs with more than 10 individuals, we had only confirmed such claims once, capturing 10 wolves in a single frame out of a total of 13. In all other instances, we recorded a maximum of 9 individuals at a time.

Last year, however, brought an extraordinary revelation. One of the packs in our study area comprised a remarkable 15 individuals: Astonishingly, the female gave birth to 13 pups and all survived until dispersal.

Thanks to our field team’s dedicated month-long stay, we were able to identify each wolf individually. This is likely the first time 15 Indian Grey wolves have been recorded in a single frame!


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