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Tolerance between wolves and golden jackals in India - research paper

Published by Ecological Society of America.

Click on the link below to read the research paper.

Usually, these two species are known to show very low tolerance to each other. Wolves are known to exterminate jackals/cayotes. Jackals when present in greater numbers are known to show no tolerance towards wolf presence.

In this unusual case, first a wolf pack was observed sharing a kill with large number of jackals where they were cofeeding on the carcass. Later when most of the pack members disappeared, this lone female started living with a family of jackals often tending to their young ones.

Stay tuned for a short film on this unusual occurrence from the less explored scrub lands of Maharashtra!

Special mention to Nachiket Awadhani, Dattatray Rajgurav and family for their efforts in tracking and documenting wildlife.


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