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Sakal & Pudhari - A wildlife awareness program on the occasion of International Wolf Day (13th Aug)

On the occasion of “International Wolf Day” (13th August), a wildlife awareness program was arranged at Palashi, Baramati. The program was organized in collaboration with Maharashtra Forest Department and local residents.

Through visuals and interaction, the program shed light on the coexistence of animals like Indian wolves, leopards, Indian gazelle, and foxes in local fields and grasslands. It aimed to dispel misconceptions and provide insights into preventing man-animal conflict. The event also featured the documentary "Treasures of Grasslands" with Marathi language narration showcasing rich biodiversity of wildlife around Maharashtra’s grasslands. The locals were enlightened about the wildlife and gave a positive response.

Notable attendees included forest officer Mrs. Shubhangi Lonkar, forest guard Mr. Prakash Chaudhari, forest protector Mr. Dayanand Avghade, forest guard Mr. Somanath Jadhav. Vijayraj Jare, along with Shreyas Nakate and Samyak Kaninde from The Grasslands Trust, and Nachiket Avdhani from RESQ Eco Daund, and residents Prashant Kaulkar, Anna Kokare, Tejas Keskar, Navnath Mane, and more.

Page 1 - published in Sakal newspaper

Page 2 - published in Pudhari newspaper


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